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I have know Reinhardt on many levels, but in this case I would like to endorse and recommend him for his project management skills. I had the privilege of experiencing this first hand as a client in South Africa and Germany. Reinhardt is a good listener with excellent analytical skills and has provided honest and competent advise in the projects for which his services were contracted. Gabriel Kroes - DFDS Germany

Reinhardt Lohbauer has been a mentor for BUSINESS/PARTNERS clients in the Western Cape since 2010 and continues to provide his expertise not only to SMEs but also as an advisor in some of our due diligence processes.


I have found Reinhardt’s style very systematic, logical and focused. At the same time he is patient, approachable and willing to spend extra time to ensure the success of a business. He always tries to instill a sense of responsibility and accountability in the entrepreneurs he mentors. I have found Reinhardt to be a person of high integrity who would not take on an assignment unless he believes he can truly add value to the mentee.
I highly recommend the services of Reinhardt as a mentor and consultant. Nikita Mfenyana - Business Partners

"With a highly technical Engineering and Computer Science background and no business background whatsoever, I virtually felt clueless and felt stranded in terms of my options and the path to proceed on in order to get my brainchild from the ground and into the air. Reinhardt Lohbauer's clear thinking and methodology put me on track with a business plan that have now proved, on more than one occasion, that its content and the time spent on it was all worth the while. The fact that he could assist me in business, marketing and financial management was the reason why I selected the company. The follow up from Reinhardt, surely helps to keep my spirits high during the lonely and quiet times." Andrew Cardoza - DevelopIT

"Reinhardt has the ability to to advise on all aspects of business, and takes a personal interest in the development of each facet of the business. We have learnt to be patient in terms of the growth planned, and are showing positive results." Rossouw van der Spuy - Prowell Kitchens

"We have always respected his professionalism and expertise in business development and have the highest regard for his input in projects. Reinhardt gets things done, he plans well, executes meticulously and finishes on time. I will always recommend him to any client and/or project team that might need his services." Eben Brink - Business Survival Solutions

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