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Frequently Asked Questions


In order to help you decide on whether you need restructuring services, we have included some common questions based on previous projects.

 01  Does my business need restructuring?

Restructuring is not for everyone, but is a perfect solution for others. If you want to pay your creditors but can't establish affordable settlement terms, our program is ideal for you. If more than 30% of your payables are over 90 days old, you are taking chances with the future of your company unless you have a realistic plan to satisfy your creditors. Without a practical and affordable plan your company can sink deeper into debt, and it may only be a matter of time before creditors seize your assets and put you out of business.




 02  How do I know the advisor is right for me?

We first look for compatibility when working with a client. You must feel comfortable with us. We will never know your business or industry as well as you do. We do however bring to the table specific knowledge that has worked in previous projects, and try and prevent you from making crucial mistakes. We will arrange a meeting and perform a short analysis at our expense. This will also give you an opportunity to gauge our approach and methods.




 03  What is your basic approach to a crisis management or turnaround assignment?

Whether acting as an advisor to senior management, or taking a more active role, we move quickly to resolve a crisis and stabilize the company. We immediately determine the cause of the problem, implement procedures to regain control of cash and stabilize operations. We are in constant communication with creditors, employees and all stakeholders as the company begins to generate positive cash flow. Once the company has stabilized, we continue to monitor operations to ensure continued viability through operational and financial reviews and restructuring.




 04  What is your basic approach to a refinancing assignment?

An extensive review of your operations and balance sheet assist us in determining the best type of new financing facility, be it asset-based, debtor-in-possession, cash flow, mezzanine or direct equity infusion. We then leverage the relationships we have developed with commercial lenders and equity investors to source, structure and negotiate a capital structure appropriate for your organization.




 05  How do you charge for your services?

In most cases we charge an hourly rate. We are conscious of geographic differences and price our services accordingly — allowing for a value-priced proposition regardless of where our client is located. In the case of a refinancing, we ask for a small retainer to cover the cost of bringing the deal to market, but we are paid a fee only upon a successful financing. We would be pleased to discuss an appropriate pricing schedule to fit your unique needs.

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